Thursday, June 13, 2013

QUT Law Notes - LW34 - LLB

QUT Law Notes

Big shout out to all the previous students who created these notes, especially Susan Hedge and Nick Dowse.  

If you use these, please update, add your own refinements and repost on your blog.

LWB334 - Corporate Law
Update from Robinson, Mountford and Hedge. Includes the PPSA

LWB431 - Civil Procedure
Update from Worrall.  Updated the monetary jurisdictional limits.  Nothing really wrong with the notes, I just added some more items from the Lectures and Study Guide so the notes are much longer.  Added in the UCPR Forms
Also, Hedge's "Drafting Pleadings" came in handy

Semester 1

LWB150 - Lawyering and Dispute Resolution
These are the first LWB150 notes up.  Please keep updating them!
The readings may change from year to year.
Also, this subject is similar to LWB498 so check the QUT Law Notes wiki
Tip - print out your readings from BB and the CMD and take them in for the exam.

LWB241 Trusts
I took both Hedge and Robinson notes and combined them.   Fixed the headings, list numbering.  This includes some case indexing to get a table of cases

LWB244 Property B
Updated mainly Dowse notes, with some Hedge and Trotter.

Semester 1
LWB240 Principles of Equity
Updated Hedge Notes.  Fixed the headings and list numbering, added some cases


... was not a great year for study ...


Semester 2

LWB148 - Torts B
Some updated Dowse notes.  Added some new cases 

LWB302 - Family Law
I created these notes from the Study Guide and the Family Law Act.  Will need some updating